Utah Fly Fishing Report: Winter Midge Hatch

Lower Provo (Below Deer Creek)

Winter fishing definitely has set in on the Provo River. Recent air temperatures have been ranging between 20 – 30 degrees. Water flow are low and clarity is clear. You will find the majority of fish in slower moving water close to river bank and deep slack water. Depending on the day you might experience a good Midge hatch around the 12:00 (noon) hr. Best time of day is from 11am – 3pm. You’ll see an occasional rise here and there.  Most success will come on the nymph on small bugs. Keep warm out there. See you on water. – WASATCH GUIDE SERVICE

Streamflow:  113 CFS

Primary Hatch: BWO’s (20 – 22) Midge (24- 22) Sow Bugs (18 – 22)

Best Techniques: 10-11 foot inline rig. Light tackle, Small midge and sow bugs have been the main food source.

Best Flies: Midge (18-24), Sow Bugs (20 -22), Juju Baetis (18-20) Barr’s Emergers (18- 22) Ray Charles (18-22) Flashback Pheasant