Utah Fly Fishing Guide Testimonials

“I am an attorney in San Francisco and an avid fly fisherman. I have fished with guides throughout the lower 48 and Alaska on numerous occasions. I think I have a good sense of what it takes to be a good fishing guide. The best guides have three main qualities. First, they are excellent fishermen in their own right. Second, they have a unique and specialized understanding of the area being fished. Third, they are great ‘people’ people.

I am sure there are many guides in the Provo area with great fishing skills and a good knowledge of the Provo River. I am not sure there are any who surpass Jeremy. Having fished with Jeremy on many occasions over the past several years, I have come to appreciate not only his skills as a fisherman, but the depth of his knowledge of the Provo fishery. I have never failed to catch fish, and my colleagues who have joined me have been similarly successful. My son still talks about how much fun we had with Jeremy a few years back.

What sets Jeremy apart, however, is what typically separates great guides from good guides. That is the service ethic. Jeremy is always on time, prepared, friendly, and professional. He is willing to stay late when we are into a good rise and is always patient when we mess things up. His enthusiasm is genuine and his commitment to the sport is infectious.

As you can no doubt tell, I am a big Jeremy Jones fan. I have recommended him to friends who have considered fishing in the Provo area.”

—Mike Lucey

“Jeremy gets it!! He makes the flyfishing experience totally fun. While he respects the beauty of the environment and how it frames the fly fisher’s experience he never fails to remember that we want to catch fish! The bigger the better and the more the merrier. I have travelled all over North America to flyfish. I have never found a better guide. He works tirelessly to make his customers have a great experience. You would be lucky to have him representing you.”

—Wayne Mason

“Mastercard’s successful ‘Priceless’ advertising campaign sums up my relationship with Jeremy Jones.

I first met Jeremy nearly seven years ago when we fished the lower Provo River together on a snowy February day. We had a great day that day and I have had many great days since.

When my youngest daughter, Liz graduated from high school three years ago we spent a week fishing with Jeremy. She’s now a third year engineering student at Virginia Tech and we have fished together in California, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia, but her favorite has always been that Utah week with Jeremy.

That is priceless. You can see it on her face.

Great guides are hard to find. Great friends are even harder to find. If you find someone who is both you are blessed.

I have that with Jeremy. He understands the fishery, he understands me. That is priceless.”

— Bill Naehle

“You will be working with a known quantity in Jeremy Jones.  He knows the fish personally…I am convinced.  He has guided my children, professional colleagues, friends and neighbors for the past 8 years.  It is rare in life to find someone you absolutely know will not disappoint.  Jeremy makes the flyfishing experience very personal.  My future fly fishing needs and the needs of those who are within my sphere of influence will go where Jeremy goes.”

— Danny Humphery

“I have been fishing with Jeremy for years and have NEVER been skunked with him. He has the local knowledge of the rivers and knows what rigs work best for each time of the year. I enjoyed his ability to “teach” me how to fish, rather than just saying “throw it there”. Jeremy taught me how to read the water and work the river effectively. MOST OF ALL, Jeremy, has fun doing what he loves and it shows in his personality and passion for fly fishing. I cant say enough good things! GO FISH!!!”

— Matt Haney

“My husband and I recently vacationed in Deer Valley, UT to celebrate his 50th birthday. The absolute highlight of our trip was our fly fishing excursion on the Provo River with Jeremy of Wasatch Guide Service. I was a bit reluctant about the fly fishing since neither my husband nor I had ever done it before, but Jeremy turned us into pros before the day was over. Not only did he teach us the technique of fly fishing but he also taught us about the river and the fish. The best part was we caught lots of fish! We had booked only the half day excursion, but I could have easily fished the entire day. Jeremy was so professional, but at the same time very easy to be around. He took care of our every need. Thanks to Jeremy it was an exceptional day on the Provo!


Wasatch Guide Service was recommended to me by an experienced fishing guide. My father, brother-in-law, and myself had high expectations as we love to fly fish and Jeremy came with high praise. From booking to fishing, I’m pleased to say that our experience with Wasatch was world-class.

Eric and Clarence were our guides for a full-day of fishing on the Provo River. They were great guides to fish with, and put us on monster trout in beautiful waters. Moreover, they kindly improved our fishing technique throughout the day, which we found to be invaluable. They even handled transportation, lunch, and provided our equipment. Awesome guys no doubt. By the end of the day, they made our fishing experience a lifetime memory that none of us will forget.

Whether it’s having the opportunity to catch trophy trout in a scenic setting, or simply enjoying time on the river with excellent fishing guides, I encourage you to call Jeremy with Wasatch Guide Service.

I used Wasatch Guide Service for the second time this weekend and had an incredible experience. I would not go anywhere in Utah and consider another guide. They are great teachers, incredibly talented and knowledgeable. Jeremy was our guide and I truly believe he could teach anybody how to fly fish. I can not say enough good things about the people and the company. If your considering a guided fly fishing experience, Wasatch Guide Service is the only place to go.

Thanks so much for your help and professional demeanor throughout.  We are sitting at Sundance at the owl bar having a drink waiting for our table at the tree room from the reservation you made;  reflecting on a perfect day.
I caught 25 or more and roiled a bunch more. Ruth on her first fly fishing trip caught a dozen at least and broke off even more. We’ve got four on ice soon to be consumed. Ryan was the BEST …..patient and a very good teacher. What a day we can’t wait to come back. It’s not often that a business exceeds your expectations but WGS certainly did! Thanks again. Mike & Ruth Smith