Utah Private Fishing & Remote Fly Fishing

LC-Ranch-Utah-Fly-Fishing251Do you want to catch huge, trophy fish and have it all to yourself? If you do, then LC Ranch is the place for you! The LC Ranch is a Utah private fishing ranch with around 20 different lakes and ponds to fly fish offering large diversity. LC Ranch is located 1 hour and 45 minutes from Park City, Utah and about two hours and 15 minutes from Salt Lake City by car. There is also a small, private airstrip on the ranch for those with access to small planes.

The ranch is a private lake fly fishing oasis in the sagebrush-filled Uinta Basin of eastern Utah. Whether you are a hardcore angler with the intensity to fish hard all day, or just looking for a retreat to relax, eat some excellent down home food, and catch a few trophy trout in the process, the LC Ranch will have what you are looking for. The “ranch” consists of more than 20 ponds ranging in size from ½ acre little ponds good for a few casts to the biggest lake at around 15 acres where you can barely cover all the water in an entire day. The private lakes and ponds of the LC Ranch are diverse in both their structure and landscape and in the fish that are swimming in the depths. At LC Ranch, you will have a shot at a range of different species of trophy trout. There are Steelhead and Donaldson strain Rainbow Trout, monster Brown Trout, Brook Trout and even Tiger Trout. The fish in the ponds are not small, typically averaging 17 to 21 inches with many much larger. The current record is an astounding 17 pound behemoth Rainbow Trout! The LC Ranch is a perfect destination for fly fishermen of all abilities from first timer beginning fly fishers to well traveled experts.

Our favorite method of fly fishing at LC Ranch is the superb dry fly fishing. You can stalk huge rainbow and brown trout gulping mayflies, damselflies or terrestrials from the surface. The hatch fishing (callibaetis, chironomids, terrestrials) can be second to none and is our preferred method to tangle with these hot fish. If the fish aren’t looking up, there is always the option of stripping streamers, bead heads and woolly buggers to lure the monster trout from the depths. Whenever possible, we prefer to “hunt” and sight cast to these amazing trout. It is not uncommon to hook one of these brutes and be taken for a ride, make sure you have plenty of backing on your reel! There is a good chance you will need it. The fly fishing season at the ranch begins after ice off around late March. Not long after, some of the best fly fishing on the LC Ranch occurs coinciding with high water runoff during early summer that renders many rivers unfishable. When your favorite river is running high and dirty the LC Ranch can provide red hot fishing! The LC Ranch is also a perfect complement to a fly fishing trip to one of the other area small streams or the Provo or Weber Rivers.

LC Ranch lodging accommodations and cabin rentals are cozy and quiet with guests staying in their own private cabins.

Utah Private Fishing: Fly Fishing Rendezvous Ranch

rendezvour ranchWasatch Guide Service has private fishing access to Ranch in Weber Canyon. The ranch boasts 2,000+ private wooded acres, with a series of 3 trophy fly fishing ponds and the upper Weber River flowing right through the property. The private ownership ensures that you will have the river all to yourself to enjoy the spectacular fly fishing.

The section of the Weber River flowing through Rendezvous Ranch meanders through lush pine and aspen forest in the western flanks of the Uinta Mountains. This portion of the river is a freestone stream and as a result, the river offers great hatches of caddis, stoneflies and mayflies bringing the fish up looking to pounce on your dry fly as it floats through the currents. This private section of the Weber River offers a relaxed, intimate setting since you will have it all to yourself. Being in a transition from the higher elevations to the farmland below, the river offers a diverse range of fish species. There are Cutthroat Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Brook Trout and even the occasional Grayling.

When you visit Rendezvous Ranch, you will also have the opportunity to fly fish the trophy ponds located on the property. The ponds offer a change of pace from the Weber River with large trout cruising the weedbeds in search of insect and other morsels. You can often sight fish to rising trout as they leisurely sip mayflies and midges from the surface of the lake.

Utah Fly Fishing: Small Streams

Weber RiverIn addition to private fishing water, Wasatch Guide Service can show you remote, out of the way smaller streams where few other anglers venture. Most serious fly fishing anglers have heard of the Madison, Snake, Henry’s Fork, Missouri, etc., but few have heard of the Strawberry River or Currant Creek. These are just two of the many different secret streams that our guides can show you. Of course, we aren’t going to reveal all of our secrets here!

These smaller, more remote streams offer some fantastic fly fishing, very often for big fish. Some of these spots even offer good opportunities for very large fish over 20 inches on dry flies! You aren’t going to read about them in any national publication, so let Wasatch Guide Service show them to you. These smaller streams are a one- to two- hour drive away from Park City or Salt Lake City and more often than not you will have the entire river to yourself. These streams aren’t for everyone since they require some extra effort to fool their wild trout. However, if you like to venture off the beaten path, hike a little, enjoy the scenery and stalk 20+ inch wild brown trout with dry flies, the extra work on these streams is worth the reward. These trips are full-day excursions only and are geared towards anglers with intermediate or higher levels of fly fishing experience.