Provo River Fishing Report – Lots of Bugs.

Lower Provo (Below Deer Creek)

IMG_4504The Lower Provo River is fishing well for the majority of the day. Water temps are fairly cold and clear which makes for great fly fly fishing. There are lots of bugs on the water from Yellow Sally’s, PMD’s, BWO’s. Caddis and Midge. With as many hatches that are currently coming off on the Provo River your chances of catching many fish are very good. Currently the fish seem to be hanging out closer to the banks in softer water. So if you are one that loves to sight fish, keep your eyes peeled for trout in shallow water. Micro Sow Bugs and Midge have been a great combo to run on a in-line and/or bounce rig. Make sure you always run the right amount of weight. They say, the difference between a good nymph fisherman and a great nymph fisherman is usually about one splitshot. Please be mindful of other Anglers and Property Owners. See you on the River. – WASATCH GUIDE SERVICE

Streamflow: 355 CFS

Primary Hatch: BWO’s (16 – 22) PMD’s ( 16- 22) Midge (16 – 20) Sow Bugs (12 – 20) Baetis (16 – 22) Caddis (18 – 16)

Best Techniques: In-line and Bounce Rigs are both great this time of year

Best Flies: PMD’s (18-20), Golden Stones (12- 16)Midge (16-24), Sow Bugs (12 -22), Juju Baetis (18-20) Barr’s Emergers (18-16) Ray Charles (18-20) Flashback Pheasant Tails (22-18) Wiggle Bug (16-14) Caddis Pupa (18 – 20) Yellow Sally’s (14-16)