Utah Fly Fishing Guides

Jeremy Jones – Owner/Guide

One of the West’s premiere fly fishing guides, Jeremy Jones has been fishing and guiding Utah Rivers and streams for the past twenty years. After being introduced to the sport, Jeremy quickly found his niche and has been running local guide services for the last seventeen years, managing an average of 12 to 20 guides each season. As a result, Jeremy has developed relationships with and recruited the best guides in the area.

Jeremy’s commitment to providing a memorable day on the water has resulted in yearly repeat clientele from all over the country, as well as strong recommendations from top resorts and destination management organizations, such as Sundance Resort, Stewart Mountain Lodging, Stein Erickson, Montage Deer Valley and Grand America. Jeremy also has managed the guide service for Sundance Resort over the past fifteen years.

Jeremy has been featured as an expert in publications such as The Drake Magazine, Sunset Magazine, Utah Valley Magazine, High Country Anglers, the Salt Lake Tribune, Daily Herald, and the Angling Report.

Jeremy is most at home when he is on the water and close with nature. As a guide, nothing gives him more satisfaction than watching a client fall in love with the sport. A native of Utah, Jeremy is a strong advocate for conservation and protection of local Utah Rivers and streams.

Whether you are an angler that loves to sight fish to big rainbows, or an angler that loves casting dry flies to hot eager browns, he will put you on to fish. A day on river with Jeremy is a day of fly fishing you’ll never forget, guaranteed.

Mike Glenn

Mike GlennMichael Glenn is beginning his twentieth season as a guide on Utah waters. Originally From Idaho, Mike came to Utah to attend school and immediately was drawn to the famous Provo River. His love for the sport somehow turned into a career, to the dismay of fish everywhere. Mike is an accomplished fly tier who hand ties all of his clients flies specifically for their guided trip. He is an expert at reading water, and loves teaching clients what to look for, which might also include a streamside entomology lesson. His relaxed style of instruction, and a quick witted sense of humor is what makes him such a popular guide. In 2005, Mike was honored with the “Fly fishing guide of the year” award by Utah Outdoor magazine. His other interests include Golf and “anything outdoors”.

Clarence Beavers

Clarence Beavers has been fishing the waters of Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountains for salmon, steelhead, and trout for over thirty years. He first cut his fly-fishing teeth  in southern Oregon boulder bounding commando style up and down the banks of the famed Rouge River and the Umpqua’s North Fork chasing summer steelhead. His addiction to large trout has led him to make some interesting decisions in life. Some of which have ended with him flailing through large sections of whitewater in shorts and sandals  in an effort to land “the one”.  Another of those decisions led Clarence to Utah where he immediately set about to find Rocky Mountain trout of steelhead like proportions. Clarence’s passion is fly-fishing. His fishing travels  have cast a wide net of experience that has drawn in successful angling techniques and methods from all over the west, for many different species. Clarence has tweaked and tinkered with the presentations, patterns, and gear used to catch bass, salmon, carp, bonefish, and others, and applied these modifications to his pursuit of Utah trout with great success. Clarence’s most endearing quality as a guide is not his professionalism, his knowledge of the sport, or his ability to connect with his clients, but his genuine interest in your fly-fishing experience. Clarence want’s you to have fun, catch fish, and learn something you didn’t know about the resources and the fishery your enjoying.

Larry Tullis


Larry Tullis is a veteran professional fly fisherman that has guided anglers 25+ years in Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, NY/PA, Alaska and Chile and has fished many waters from Kamchatka, Russia to Tierra Del Fuego, Chile. He’s also worked in several fishing pro shops. The Provo River has been his “home waters” since birth and he considers it one of the best trout fisheries in the state and maybe the nation! He loves to coach beginning and experienced anglers to learn more about fly fishing techniques that catch trout from this great river and other productive Utah waters.

Larry is also a freelance writer/photographer (Arts of the Outdoor) with 6 books and over 100 articles published and does numerous speaking engagement and sport shows across the country. Larry shares his experience as a consultant for various boat builders, outdoor product companies and fishing lodges. He also designs and ties flies professionally, currently for Rainys Flies.

John Patching

WGS Guide - John PatchingJohn Patching, at the young age of seven years old, was drawn to the art of fly fishing. He soon discovered he had a natural talent for fishing and an insatiable desire to learn all he could about the sport. He spent his youth fishing the rivers of Northern California such as the American River, Sacramento, Putah Creek, Yuba River and more. In his later teens, he moved to Utah where he began guiding on the Provo River. John has always had a great appreciation for the outdoors. While living in Utah, he fell in love with the mountains and skiing. He began working full-time at a ski resort and still guided on the Provo River and surrounding waters whenever opportunities arose. After a decade of skiing and working in the mountains, he finally decided to follow his heart and passion by returning to the river as a full-time fly fishing guide. John has a heritage of fly fishing and is related to several artists including the great fly fishing artist, Frank Sawyer. He’s proud to follow the traditions of his ancestors.

John’s an expert at reading rivers and knows the entomology of the aquatic insects who live in the waters.  He meticulously hand ties his own flies so each one is precise. He’s also a patient person who enjoys teaching others about fly fishing in a laid back style. John wants others to experience the joy of fly fishing as much as he does. His goal as a guide is to make sure each client has a positive experience that turns into a great memory. No matter the season, John stays updated on the rivers so he’s always one step ahead of the fish.

Scott Harmon

From the first time his father took him fly fishing when he was but 8 years old he was hooked! The memories of that trip and many more like it would stir a passion for the sport. When his classmate headed for the lunchroom he headed for the river, rod in hand! (His high school happened to be conveniently located right on the American River) Later, Scott went on to pursue a career in sales and marketing building several successful companies in California and raising a family. In 2007 one of his daughters, an avid fly fisher herself, approached him about attending the Hubbard’s Guide School  located on the Yellowstone River in Montana, however, under the condition he’d come too! He did, and as a result has been professionally guiding on the Provo and surrounding rivers ever since. Scott currently resides in Park City, UT. “I have just as much fun teaching a beginner how to fly fish as I do fishing myself. I’ve come to realize how lucky it is to be a part of creating the lasting memory of a perfect day on the water with a client, family, or friend. I live for those perfect days”

Dave Mihalik

dangerBorn in Ohio, Dave fell in love with fishing at a young age. Starting out fishing small ponds for Bass and Bluegill. It wasn’t until he moved to Utah that he fell in love with fly fishing. Fishing local waters like the Provo and Weber rivers, as well as smaller more remote waters. Dave loves sight fishing for big browns with streamers and dries. His passion is not just for Trout, chasing warm water species such as Bass, Pike, and Musky on the fly. Dave’s passion for guiding came naturally his calm cool attitude is contentious and he will make sure that you have the best day possible on the water weather it be nymphing for big fish, sight fishing with dries in the summer, or stripping streamers at night. When Dave is not on the river he can be found behind the vise tying fly’s, backpacking for high mountain brook trout, or just enjoying life with his dog Skagit.

Neal Richards

Neil Richards has been fishing since the moment his father taught when he was about two years old. From rivers, lakes and even the smallest streams he fell in love with it all. Neil loves the challenges fly fishing can throw at you; which makes the reward that much sweeter. Neil is a Utah Native and graduated from Utah State in Business Management, with a Minor in Recreation. This will be Neil’s 6th season guiding and he couldn’t be happier. Neil grew his passion for the art of fly fishing by spending countless hours on the rivers and lakes. To Neil, its not just about catching, but enjoying nature and respecting our beautiful country. Neil picked up the skill of fly tying to explore what the fish may be feeding on. Fly tying is unique to Neil because it gives him the opportunity to create a fly that may be irresistible to the fish. It is always fun to catch a nice brown on something you created. Neil enjoys teaching others on the river and loves to see the smile on their face when they get a big hit. Also, Neil expresses the concern to his clients why it is important to following through with a proper release. Respecting our rivers is something Neil takes very seriously. You can find Neil on the water almost every weekend during the summer, but when fall rolls around he occasionally sets the rod down and enjoys his weekends chasing big game and waterfowl. If Neil is not on the river, you can catch him in the marsh or in the hills. Can’t wait to hit the water with you soon!

Julian Riley

Julian Riley is the wild card of Fly Fishermen.  He has an amazing level of patience for beginners and can rapidly turn into a cheerleader / target NetMan for the most experienced.  Julian holds Master’s Degree in Education and is co-employed with a private University (BYU).  Julian loves that fly fishing is an escape from the day to day dealings and always provides new challenges.  Julian prides himself in his family and loves fishing with his kids and wife.  Making up songs about fish, riding his net like a stick horse and kissing fish goodbye on the release are all things he does to make fishing FUN!  Julian Riley is the wild card of Fly Fishermen!

Ryan Stokes

IMG_4531If you’re looking for a true “professional fly fisherman”, then Ryan may be your guy. With over 25 years of fly fishing experience around the world, Ryan has tuned his fly fishing skills to a level that some may only wish for. Over the years Ryan has prided himself in sharing these skills with his clients…and with enjoyment. His wealth of knowledge really shows when he’s out with his clients. Here’s a few more tidbits about Ryan:  –  Instructor for local flytying and flyfishing classes –  FFF certified master casting instructor –  Placed third in Best of the West casting competition in 2001 – Designed and developed flyrods, pontoon boats and fishing equipment for over 6 years.

Kennie Garcia

FullSizeRender (28)Kennie started his fly fishing career at the age of 7 watching fish one day in the Kid’s Canal eating hoppers.  He ties one to a hook, caught a fish, and it was all down hill from there.  Kennie was the kid who if there was a creek, river, pond or puddle he wanted to find out if there were fish in it.  He guided full time for 12 years before starting Salt Lake Fly Fishing Company.  Kennie spends around 230 days a year on local waters following fish.  In the winter he is a backcountry snowmobile guide, and the spring and fall he loves chasing fish in saltwater flats.  Kennie loves teaching and watching people fall in love with fly fishing.  If he’s not ‘working’ you’ll find him on a river

Grant Bench

Grant Bench - GuideI was born in Utah and grew up in the Midwest. Missourah to be exact. I learned to roll cast balsa wood poppers along the banks and cattails of farm ponds just outside of Kansas City. Soon after my sophomore year in high school, I can clearly recall fishing trout streams in the Ozarks for trout and bass and just crushing fish on marabou jigs. That summer during  a trip out west, my Uncle Dave took me fishing on a western trout stream. From that moment on, fly fishing just absolutely consumed me and my life. Fast forward 16 years. I can proudly say I’ve guided the small streams, rivers and lakes of Central-Eastern Utah for the last decade and am constantly learning, tweaking, discovering new things and ideas. I’m also a fly designer for the Orvis Company and work closely with Bug Bond, Whiting Farms, Kast Gear, Semperfli and their respective teams to spread the word that fly fishing/fly tying are really cool! Fly fishing is now a lifestyle, and I’m very fortunate to have a loving wife, Holly, and 8 yr old, “G2” along with me on the fly fishing trip that never ends.

David Dornbusch

DSC_0047_ppDavid Dornbusch was raised in San Diego and started fishing for warm water species, including bass, bluegill and trout.  He moved to Utah in 1980 to ski and fell in love with fly fishing.  He and his brother operated a guide service from 1985 to 1990.  They held a permit on the Green River in Northern Utah and specialized in multiple day float trips, complete with gourmet meals on the river!  David continued his fly fishing in Central Oregon on the Deschutes and Crooked Rivers.  He also chased salmon with his fly rod in Washington State in Puget Sound, as well as the Coastal rivers.  After returning to Utah, his passion led him back to guiding on the local rivers, as well as some secret spots off the beaten path.

Guiding has been very rewarding for David and he loves to work with people from all walks of life, showing them the great outdoors,  wonderful rivers and some awesome fishing.  He wants the guest to catch a fish more than the guest does!  His sense of humor shows through and his customer service experience over the years has led to return business and friendships.  When he’s not fishing or guiding, he spends time with his wife and three dogs.  David is also a professional photographer and specializes in portraiture and commercial photography.  He is at home as much with his fly rod or cameras.  When you fish with David your experience will be informative, entertaining and lots of fun.

Koshoni Spell

_MG_3612_copybeen fishing ever since I can remember, and seriously fly fishing for the last 17 years. I love fly fishing for different species on the fly and currently am  trying to catch every species in the state of Utah. I am to 27. With about 5 more to go. I love getting to see people catch their first fish on a fly. And I enjoy guiding because it allows me to meet people from all over the world, and share something as fun and as exciting as fly fishing with them.

Alex Wray

Alex Wray was born in Salt Lake City and raised in Park City, UT.  He grew up loving the outdoors and discovered fly fishing while studying at the University of Utah.  Fly fishing began as an activity to pass the time between ski seasons and pass the days while backpacking, it predictably grew to an obsession.  A lot of men have lost wives and careers to fly fishing addiction; fortunately he was single and a recent college graduate when he decided “fly fishing guide” seemed a reasonable alternative to “office worker”.  He made that decision in 2005 and hasn’t looked back since.  Being on a river, meeting new people and the experiences that come with fly fishing are some of the perks of the chosen career path.  That’s probably why he enjoys the experience as much as the fishing.

Jake Smith

FullSizeRender (26)Jake’s passion for fly fishing all started from spending all his free time in the Uinta’s fishing the small streams and lakes with a fly. When a friend took him fishing to Idaho he knew he found something to dedicate his life to pursue. Now you can find him in many of the western states chasing a varied species of fish from trout to warm water fish. He loves the sport and the areas it takes him too.  Along  with the people he meet’s and fishes with. He works hard to get them on fish and help them understand what there doing to get the most out of there experience and have fun doing it.

Jeremy Fisher

If you like to travel,love the Flats as much as a western river, maybe like to ski a bit too you have to find a way to fish with Capt. Jeremy Fisher. Capt. Fisher spends a little over three months in Islamorada, Florida catching the monster downtown Bonefish and jumping Tarpon! The rest of the year he is at home in the Park City area of Utah. The restless angler can stalk the flats in the spring, hit all the local rivers in the summer and when on a ski vacation, sneak into the valley for an afternoon of winter fishing all with the same talented guide. Thats a pretty attractive option.

Scott Read

Scott was born and raised in the beautiful state of Utah, and has been fishing the area waters since a young age. Scott has a passion, borderline addiction for the outdoors. He has been guiding fishing and hunting in Utah for over ten years now, and loves sharing his passion with others. He is a very patient guide that loves the teaching aspect of guiding, and enjoys taking novices as much as the seasoned veteran. Scott is also a very traveled angler that has fished all over the western US from the wilderness of Alaska and Canada to many of the west’s most famous and not so famous rivers. When not guiding or traveling you’ll most likely find Scott with his wife Jen, and there two beautiful girls floating a river in nearby Idaho or Wyoming.

Erik Hogan

Erik Hogan has been a flyfishing guide in Utah for almost 20 years.  Erik moved from Califoria to ski the greatest snow on earth and ended up staying for all other outdoor activities Utah has to offer.  Erik has fished from Alaska to Florida and guided throughout Utah and Southwestern Wyoming.  For 13 years Erik guided on Utahs’ Green River.When he’s not guiding fishing trips Erik is either skiing or training retreivers for Waterfowl and Upland Bird Hunting.

Brett Renard

FullSizeRender (23)Raised on a lake in Minnesota, fishing has been Brett’s passion since he was kid.  Bass plugs and walleye trolling quickly turned into fly tying and roll casts when his father introduced him to fly fishing at age 10. Skiing and fishing brought him to the University of Montana, and that’s where he “truely developed the skills and appreciation for cold water trout fisheries.” After guide school with Sweet Water Travel Company and a season of work in Missoula; family ties and a passion for “walk-and-stalk” fishing finally brought him to Park City, Utah for good.  Brett is an enthusiastic guide, with a relentless passion for catching memorable fish. Small waters and sight-casting is Brett’s speciality, but family excursions on the Provo river is something he loves as well. When’s he’s not fishing for trout, he’s fishing for “anything in the ocean that can be sight-casted to”, with tarpon being a favorite. If you’ve been fly fishing for years or new to the sport Brett is great company for a day on the water

Gilbert Rowley

Gilbert Rowley is a fly fishing enthusiast that loves to share his knowledge of the sport with others. He is a Utah native and has a vast knowledge of the areas world-class rivers. He has appeared on the outdoor adventure show “Hooked on Utah”as one of the premier guides on the Provo River. Gilbert graduated with a Bachelor’s in Fisheries and Aquatic Science from Utah State University. Among other skills, he is a contract fly designer for Rainy’s Flies and has designed many flies that fish can’t seem to resist. Photography and entomology are among his favorite aspects of the sport, and he believes that with the right tools and instruction anyone can learn to love fly fishing.