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Utah Fly Fishing Report: PMD’s and Golden Stones

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

Lower Provo (Below Deer Creek)

PMDThe lower Provo River is fishing very well right now and we are starting to see our Summer bugs. We are witnessing good number of PMD’s and Golden Stones lately but are just in the beginning stages of of these hatches. As temps rise and water levels stabilize, we will see more and more bug activity. Fish are feeling like crazy throughout the majority of the day. Typically fishing nymph rigs in the morning hrs with Sow Bugs and Midge using a good amount of weight. In the afternoon hrs fishing PMD Emergers, Golden Stone nymphs, and Sow Bugs. Fish are holding in all types of water from slow to fast. If your thinking about fishing, do it. You wont regret it. See you on the river. WASATCH GUIDE SERVICE

Streamflow:: 353 CFS

Primary Hatch: PMD’s (#16 – #20) Yellow Sally’s (#14 – #16) Baetis (#22 – #16) Sow Bug (#20 – #14)

Best Techniques: Nymph and Dry Fly rigs. Fish are everywhere.

Best Flies: SOW bugs (20-18), PMD Barr Emergers (18-20), PMD dries (#20 – #18), JuJu Baetis (20-18)  Midges (16-24), Flash Back PT (18-22), RS2 (18-20)Parachute Adams (#20 – #18)