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Utah Fishing Report: Spring Time Fishing – Provo River

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Lower Provo (Below Deer Creek)

Spring time is here and the Provo River is fishing better now then is has all year.  With the  lower Provo River water flows  just above 230 CFS the BWO and Midge hatches have been insane.  Early morning have not been the best time to be on the water.  The prime hrs for fishing on the Provo River start around 10:30 a.m. and end at dusk.  If your an angler seeking  out rising trout, we’d suggest you target the hrs from 1:30 – 5:00 p.m.  I’d dare say that some of the biggest Rainbows I’ve seen on the Provo ever have been caught lately on BWO’s and Midge dries.  With some of the rain lately, the lower section on the lower has been a little off color.  The upper reached on the lower have been much more clear making for great sight fishing.  Get out and fish, you won’t regret it.  As always, please be respectful of other anglers and propertly owners.  See you on the river.

Streamflow:: 237 CFS

Primary Hatch: Midge Larva (#16 – #20) Midge (#22 – #16) BWO’s (#22 – #16) Sow Bug (#20 – #14) BWO Dries (#22 – #18)

Best Techniques:  Any technique will produce good results.  If fishing the nymph, make sure you have the correct weight and depth and fish fast water, slow water and seams.  If you fishing the dry, make sure to use lighter tippet (6X), small bugs and good drifts.  The fish seem to be a bit more pickly towards the BWO patterns then the Midge. 

Best Flies: SOW bugs (20-18), BWO Barr Emergers (18-20), BWO dries (#20 – #18), Zebra Midges (16-24), Flash Back PT (18-22), RS2 (18-20)Parachute Adams (#20 – #18), Buffalo Midge (18 – 16),Wiggle Worm (14-16)