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Provo River Fishing Report: BWO’s coming soon.

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Lower Provo (Below Deer Creek)

The annual BWO (blue wing olive) hatch is almost here.  With the days becoming longer, temps on the rise, its a guarantee that  fishing is going to turn on.  The last few weeks on the Provo River, we’ve seen that trout (mainly Rainbow) have been much more aggressive eating the fly.  There are some  good fish that are looking up eating small midge, but mainly fish are feeding in the main channels.  Nine times out of ten trout are actively feeding in the mid water column to  sub-surface.  Water clarity it perfect for sight fishing, so have some fun putting you fly right on top of  your fish.  As always, please watch for spawning Redd’s and continue to be respectful of other anglers and property owners.  We hope you all make it on to the water soon.  FISH ON!

Streamflow: 327 CFS

Primary Hatch:  Midge Larva (#16 – #20)  Baetis (#22 – #16)  Sow Bug (#20 – #14)  BWO’s (#22 – #18) Barr’s Emegers (#20 – #16)

Best Techniques:    Fish are holding in deep slow moving water.  Deep nymph rigs are often the best type of rigs to run this time of year.  Don’t rule out fish being stacked in faster moving water such as riffles, drop offs and seams.  If you are just wanting to fish the dry, keep you eyes open to slow slick moving water.

Best Flies: SOW bugs (20-18),  Zebra Midge (18-20), RS2 (18-22), JuJu Baetis(#18 – #16) Small Parachute Adams  (#20 – #18) Eggs (#16 – #20) BEADS