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Provo River Fishing Report: Lots of BUGS

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Lower Provo (Below Deer Creek)

Provo River fly fishing is right on track.  Everyday we are seeing lots of BUGS that the trout are keying into, making for some incredible fly fishing opportunities on the Provo River.  It’s a mystery to us around here why the lower Provo water levels are so good.   With all the snow we still have in our mountains, it would seem that flows would be much heavier.  The State has done a traiffic job on the Provo River system managing run off.  Thank you!  A few weeks back the lower Provo was running close to 1300 cfs and today flows are steady at 650 cfs.  With these types of water flows the fish have been very aggressive eating all sorts of bugs all day long.  Whether your an Angler that likes throwing the nymph or dries, the Provo has all your bases covered.  Please be mindful of other anglers and landowners and be safe on the water.  See you out there.

Streamflow: 640 CFS

Primary Hatch:  Midge Larva (#16 – #20)  Golden Stones (#14 – #16)  PMD’s (#22 – #16)  Sow Bug (#20 – #14)  Yellow Sallys (#16) PMD dries (#22 – #18) Mr. Wiggles (#16 – #14)

Best Techniques:    All techniques are good now.  Fish are in close and out in the main currant.  Now that that the water is starting to clear up the sight fishing has been good.  Keep your eyes open to fish slurping dries towards the later hrs of the day in soft water. 

Best Flies: SOW bugs (20-18), PMD’sBarr Emergers (18-20), PMD dries (#20 – #18),  (16-24), Flash Back PT (18-22), RS2 (18-20)Parachute Adams (#20 – #18)