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Provo River Fishing Report: Big Water = Big Fish

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Lower Provo (Below Deer Creek)

The Lower Provo has been producing some good days both on the nymph and dry.  With flows up fish seem to be stacked in softer water and deeper slower runs.  During the morning hrs from 9 – noon we’ve been throwing small baetis, sows bugs and midge and as the early afternoon approaches we have been switching to the dry.  This time of year when the rivers start to swell brings great opportunities to catch BIG fish.  Because of all the moister we’ve been expereiencing lately make sure to have your San Juan’s close.  Please be respectful of other anglers and landowners.  Be safe wading these higher flows.  See you soon.

Streamflow: 638 CFS

Primary Hatch:  Midge Larva (#16 – #20)  Midge (#22 – #16)  BWO’s (#22 – #16)  Sow Bug (#20 – #14) BWO Dries (#22 – #18)

Best Techniques:  Because of the higher flows keep your drifts in tight.  Fish are holding close to the banks, deep slow runs,  and shallow riffles.  When fishing the nymph use small midge, baetis and sow bugs.  When fishing the dry throw small Parachute Adams, CDC Biot BWO.

Best Flies: SOW bugs (20-18), BWO Barr Emergers (18-20), BWO dries (#20 – #18), Zebra Midges (16-24), Flash Back PT (18-22), RS2 (18-20)Parachute Adams (#20 – #18)