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Friday, November 5th, 2010

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Utah Fly Fishing Report: Fall Fishing on the Lower Provo River.

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Lower Provo (Below Deer Creek)

The Lower Provo is fishing well now.  The flows have now dropped,  making the wade fishing very easy and allowing access to the majority of the lower Provo River no problem.  November can bring both challenging and rewarding fly fishing opportunities.  The river still has a fair amount of moss so you need to pick your runs wisely.  We are seeing good success fly fishing the deep runs, running a good amount of weight.  Fish can be real picky this time of year so make sure your getting good drifts.  The sight fishing has been productive as well.  The Browns will soon be spawning, so please watch were you are wading.

Streamflow: 156 CFS

Primary Hatch: BWO’s (#16 – #22) Midge (#16 – #20) Sow Bugs (#16 – #20) Baetis (#16 – #20)

Best Techniques: Fish all types of water.  (fast, slow, inside seams, outside seams) If fishing softer slower water run the swing rig with light weight and short leader.  If  fishing fast deep water, fish the bounce rig and remember to run a lot of weight.  If your not ticking on the bounce you need more weight.  Make sure your drift are smooth.  Keep your eyes open and watch your step while wading so you don’t walk over any spawning Redds.  Please be respectful of other anglers and land owners.  See you on the water.

Best Flies: BWO’s (18-20), Midge (16-24), Sow Bugs (18-22), Juju Baetis (18-20) Barr’s Emergers (18-16)