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Provo River Fly Fishing Report – Caddis are here.

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Lower Provo (Below Deer Creek)

Fly Fishing on the Lower Provo River is good right now. Unfortunately, the water is off color making sight fishing almost impossible but the fishing is still good.  We are still seeing PMD’s thought out the day and the Caddis are coming on strong day by day.  For the most part the majority of the fish caught during the day are on the nymph, but as you approach the evening hrs the Trout are looking up to eat the adult Caddis.  Temperatures in Northern Utah are starting to drop slightly, so I’d imagine the dry fly fishing is going to become more and more consistence as we approuch the fall months.  Get out and enjoy the great Utah Fly Fishing has to offer.  See you on the water. 

Streamflow: 480 CFS

Water Temp: 56 Deg

Primary Hatch: Midges (#18 – #24) Caddis (#16 – #20) PMD’s (#22 – #16)

Best Techniques: Trout seems to be in the main channels and inside seams.  If you are running the bounce rig, always remember to be committed with your weight.  If your not bouncing you not fishing the rig effectively.  Look for nervous and soft water.  Get good drifts and make sure to mend your line. 

Best Flies: PMD’s Barr Emergers (18-20), Caddis Pupa (16-24), Sow Bugs (18-22), Adult Caddis (18-20) Wiggle Worm (18-16)