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Utah Stream Fly Fishing Report: Fish With Dry Droppers & Shallow Nymph Rigs

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Surrounding Small Streams

Most small streams in the area are still inaccessible to do snow. Some places that are accessible can only be reached by snowshoe. In the next month or so when things start to open up a little these backcountry streams can offer some good baetis hatches as well as some Skwala Stoneflies.
Streamflow Varies
Primary Hatches: Midges (#18 – #22)
Best Techniques: Because flows are usually very low and clear, stick with dry droppers or unweighted, shallow nymph rigs with beadheads to get your flies down.
Best Flies: Hares Ear (14-20), Pheasant Tail (16-22), Zebra Midge (16-20), Disco Midge (18-20)

Weber River Utah Fly Fishing Report: Light Nymph Rigs Producing

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Weber River
(Rockport to Echo)

For whatever reason dam managers have chosed to reduce flows down to 27 cfs, which in not a good fishing level at all. These flows will be almost unfishable. On the bright side of things, this is what keeps the river from overpopulating and why the river consistently produced trophy browns.  Be cautious of shelf ice from Judd Lane to Echo.
Streamflow: 29 CFS
Primary Hatches: Midges (#18 – #24) BWO’s (#18 – #20)
Best Techniques: If you do decide to go to the Weber, very light nymph rigs will be your best producer. Move very slowly with caution. The fish are ultra spooky in the low water. When flows come up above 70 CFS, there is some excellent streamer fishing to be had.
Best Flies: Sowbugs (14-20), Pheasant Tails (16-22), Zebra Midge (16-20) Disco Midge (18-20), Ray Charles (16-20)

Middle Provo Fly Fishing Report: Skwala Hatch Soon On Middle Provo

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Middle Provo (Jordanelle to Deer Creek)

Similar conditions to the Lower Provo, without the major BWO hatches, but that should change the next few weeks. Lots of pressure lately so if you want solitude, take a hike below legacy bridge or river road. Keep an eye out for the big Skwala Stones (10-12) the next few weeks.
Streamflow: 193 CFS
Primary Hatches: Midges (#18 – #24) BWO’s (#18 – #20)
Best Techniques: Best hatch activity for dry fly fishing is mid-day from 11:30 to 3:00. Other than that deep nymphing your standard midge and baetis fare. Don’t forget Glo Bugs around the Charleston bridge area.
Best Flies: Jujubee midge (18-22), BWO Barr Emergers (18-20), Zebra Midges (16-24), Disco Midges (18-22), RS2 (18-20)

Utah Fly Fishing: Lower Provo River Fly Fishing

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Lower Provo (Below Deer Creek)

Fishing is superb right now. Blue wings are already out in huge numbers. Be sure to experience the great fishing before the high water comes. With the level of Deer Creek this could be much earlier than normal. Fish will be up on midges from 11 to 1, BWOs from 1 until 3:30.  The next 6 weeks is the best fishing of the year on the lower provo!
Streamflow:: 244 CFS
Primary Hatches: Midges (#18 – #24) BWO’s (#18 – #20)
Best Techniques: Take your pick! Deep nymphing, suspended nymphs, dry-dropper, single dry are all catching fish now. Mid-day take advantage of the huge amounts of rising fish and stick them on dries. Remember your 6X!
Best Flies: BWO Barr Emergers (18-20), Zebra Midges (16-24), Disco Midges (18-22), RS2 (18-20)